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"Such a timely and great idea. Love the handy to-go bag. Thank you for caring about Mother Earth!"

-Shelley Smith-Jones

"I love our new Crab Bags!!. Thank you for helping our planet- and I will be bragging about them to everyone I know!"

Sheila Bowers Castillo

"Just received mine today, and SO excited about the convenience and design!! Easy-peasy to carry with me everywhere I go! No excuse not to love Mother Earth 🌍 ✌️way to go Amaia and Sarah" 

-Heather Hege

"I love every step taken to reduce or eliminate single use plastic. Way to go!!!" 

-Katy Greenwell-Costa

"Mine just arrived - LOVE IT!"

-Melina Giorgi

"Love mine!!!" 

-Nancy Wright Roberts

"This is a fabulous idea!! Waste reduction is a goal of mine this year."

-Rachel Pietila

"It makes perfect sense. Why trash the planet?"

-Kim Kitchell

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