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Through a 20+ year friendship that has navigated tides, both high and low, and weathered the sea changes of life, Amaia and Sarah have had interests that have waxed and waned, but one thing has always remained true; their love of nature and their strong desire to care for the earth. While trying to cut back on their own plastic use, they kept forgetting to bring reusables to replace disposables and thought there had to be a convenient, yet stylish, way to store and remember the tools necessary for fighting the plastic battle.

And thus was born Paguro! 

With a nod to their Italian heritage and named for one of nature's most resourceful reusers,  the Hermit Crab, Paguro offers reusable essentials in hip, practical kits that make it easy to be a responsible, earth-friendly consumer. Thank you for joining us 

on this journey and we hope you

enjoy your Paguro kit!    

With love, Amaia & Sarah, The Paguro People

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